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Worried about your child's lump?

Are you worried about a lump that your child has developed? Well….you’re in the right place! In this post I’m going to teach you what this means for your child, and how someone like me can fix it for them.

Children develop a wide variety of lumps and bumps and these can often cause a great deal of concern for families. Thankfully most lumps in children are entirely benign, but it is worth taking all of them seriously because sadly children can very occasionally develop more sinister tumours.

I take each child’s lump on its merits and can usually make a diagnosis at the first clinical assessment. Occasionally further investigations such as scans are required.

Sometimes I will need to remove your child’s lump to confirm the diagnosis – or even when the diagnosis is not in question but to prevent any future complications (such as bleeding, infection, or the lesion just getting bigger).

I perform the procedure under general anaesthetic and for most lumps it takes less than 1 hour to complete. I give local anaesthetic to the area before the end of the procedure so that the area is nice and numb when your child awakes. All of the stitches that I place are dissolving and buried under the skin. I also use special skin glue to protect the wound following the procedure. I send the lump off to the lab for confirmation of the diagnosis and will write to you immediately as soon as I have the results.

Like in any operation there are small risks such as bleeding or infection – but thankfully these are often straightforward to treat. In some circumstance’s lumps can reform after they are removed – but thankfully this is vanishingly rare.

Following the procedure, I would expect your child to be able to go home the same day. Once the wound is healed I would recommend rubbing in bio-oil on a daily basis and avoiding sunburn as this can really help improve the overall appearance of the scar in the long-term.

So, if you’re child has a lump – why not get in touch?

Until next time, take care of yourself and your family. Best wishes.

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