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Consent with confidence

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Traditionally it was up to doctors to decide what risks needed to be communicated to parents and patients.

Following the Montgomery court ruling this has thankfully changed. Now doctors must ensure that patients are informed of all risks that would be considered materially significant by an individual patient, not just a doctor.

Patients and parents must also be given enough time to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Mr MacCormack will be leading the way with a fully digital consent solution for children in Northern Ireland. By partnering with EIDO we will be offering a reliable, paperless, data secure consent process.

The entire consent process is accessible from home on any device and is completed before the day of surgery. Digital information leaflets and a clear explanation of the risks and benefits allow you to make fully informed decisions about your child's care.

On the day of your child's procedure you confirm your consent by simply signing on our iPad. This allows you to focus on your child on their big day.

Join us in leading the way with digital consent for children in Northern Ireland.

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